Hobsons Bay QR Walks

Laverton Township

Join us as our host Libby Tanner guides you on a listening journey through the streets of Hobsons Bay. In this podcast we explore the history of the original Laverton township along with the development in the 1920’s with the building of the RAAF base. Written and directed by Gina Kennedy and sound produced by Alex Amster with an auspice from the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre and the support of a Hobsons Bay City Council Make it Happen Grant.

Local Merchants and Sponsors

Supporting a local merchant means supporting an entire community. Without our local businesses and sponsors, none of this would be possible. While you’re listening, take a second to give them a look.

(This project is supported by Hobsons Bay City Council through its Make it Happen Grant program)

1970’s Australian Motorcycle Racing in Laverton

(With permission: Darren Neville)

The Vee Family at the Laverton Market

(With permission: The Vee Family)

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Wow, what an incredible learning moment. Can you feel the history and emotion in your bones? We can. Once one story is finished, there is always another book ready to be opened. 

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Take a look at the map below to find where you are located on your route and where your next stop will be.

QR code locations in this series

  • Aviation Road and Railway Avenue
  • Maher Road at Laverton Train Station
  • Laverton Park, Merton Street
  • Kiora Street and Central Avenue
  • Merton Street and May Ave
  • Henry Drive and Lan Ave

Learn More About The Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre

Gina Kennedy partnered with the Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre to create the QR story you just experienced. Spreading history, tradition, passed-down tales, and local knowledge is why we do what we do. The first series of QR Walks honours all of the above, aiming to highlight a central part of Australian history for all to hear.