Hobsons Bay QR Walks

(Photo with permission
Hobsons Bay City Council)

About QR Walks

Innovative and entertaining storytelling that preserves and presents local culture.

The idea of Hobsons Bay QR Walks began with a long-term resident named Roger, who loves a good tale. His telling of stories was a great example of how he sparked connections in the local neighbourhood. It was also a prime example of how easy it was to miss out on knowledge of the area if you don’t live near storytellers like him. And although technology and pandemics can create so many barriers to sharing stories, they can also inspire opportunities for more to be told.

Introducing QR Tech

QR technology has been around for quite some time. However, the widespread adoption of QR scanning didn’t happen until contact tracing for the COVID virus changed our relationship with it. QR codes provided a timely solution for the sharing-of-stories-dilemma that  lockdown had created. From this dilemma, a solution was found with a site designed by Gina Kennedy in consultation with Joseph Shields to share stories via QR codes.

Making It Happen

Thanks to the Make it Happen grant by the City of Hobsons Bay, and a Louis Joel Arts and Community Centre Auspice, the Hobsons Bay QR walks site was born. Our platform was built for the community for cultural celebration and to support active participation and learning using QR technology. Hobsons Bay QR Walks is now a community-owned platform for many more stories in and about Hobson Bay to be shared.

Creating Memorable Recordings

The first stories to be added to the site were written and curated by Gina Kennedy who partnered with the Altona Laverton Historical Society to celebrate the diversity, heritage and people of Hobsons Bay. The recordings engaged broad cross-sections of the community, with over 50 people interviewed for the series. 

These raw recordings are now a time capsule of Hobsons Bay to be kept by the Historical Society. 

Hosted by Libby Tanner and sound produced by Alex Amster, the series was inspired to assist in providing free entertainment and community participation. While also showcasing some of the key features of the community and the environment, particularly those that are unique to Hobsons Bay and that promote the city’s cultural reputation.